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Equine Law

Understanding the Obscure

Equine law is an obscure practice area that encompasses any legal matter that involves horses. These matters can include areas of the law such as contracts, property, real property, civil litigation, business formations, debt collection, bailment, real estate, land use, intellectual property, etc. An attorney with a working knowledge of horses and the horse business understands the subtle considerations involved in equine legal issues. As a result, the horse savvy attorney is able to anticipate and foresee points of critical importance that may be lost on an attorney without such knowledge.

A Vast Practical Knowledge Of The Field

When might you need an equine attorney who knows horses? Examples include, but are not limited to: purchases, sales, leases, instruction, training, breeding, forming a horse-related business, operating a boarding stable, boarding a horse with special needs, leasing your facility, hosting shows at your facility, collecting debts, and trailering. Attorney Brodeur spent more than 20 years riding and showing horses and began practicing equine law more than fifteen years ago. She has given presentations on equine law and has attended the National Conference on Equine Law in Lexington, Kentucky. She believes strongly that the mantra of the equestrian world should be “everything in writing.”

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