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​Experienced and Professional Criminal Law Attorneys

We take a team approach to representation that is two-fold. First, we work collaboratively on cases, drawing from our firm’s unique mix of skill sets in order to play to the strengths of our team of criminal defense attorneys. Second, we work with our clients, as a team, to pursue their goals. Our criminal defense lawyers make it a priority to understand not only what our clients hope to achieve, but also the particular issues and concerns that are of personal importance.  We value our clients’ input and encourage their contributions as we work to craft a strategy that affords the best opportunity to achieve the most favorable outcome possible.

All attorneys at our criminal defense law firm practice criminal law and we have more than 100 years of combined experience. We defend against everything from DUI/DWI, motor vehicle, and misdemeanors, to class A felonies such as murder with special circumstances, carrying the potential for life imprisonment.

Appeals and Post-Conviction Relief in Farmington

There are times during a criminal trial where legal or procedural errors will occur, which are grounds for an appeal. It is critical for you to contact and retain an experienced appellate attorney in Farmington CT who is familiar with both the federal and state appeals process. Our criminal appeal attorneys have more than 75 years of combined experience handling appeals in both civil (habeas) and criminal (direct) cases. We can review your case, and explain your options for post-conviction relief. It’s important to know all available remedies as a criminal conviction is one of the most taxing events an individual could face in their lifetime.

An appellate court will only review questions of law, which means you can only use an appeal to argue the trial judge made a legal mistake that resulted in your convictions. post-conviction relief, on the other hand, can address factual issues that led to your conviction or guilty plea. These may include the appearance of new evidence which was not available during the trial such as new DNA evidence, if a witness has changed his or her story, or prosecutorial misconduct.

Client-Centered Appellate Attorney Representation

Brodeur Law Firm, LLC has criminal defense attorneys in Farmington CT that provide modern, client-centered representation backed by decades of post-conviction and criminal law experience. With nearly 150 years of combined experience in the practice of criminal law and 75 years of combined experience in post-conviction matters, our commitment to protecting the Constitutional rights of our clients translates to superior representation.

Post-Conviction Relief and Appellate Lawyers

Our post-conviction relief and appellate lawyers can use two popular methods of challenging the outcome of a criminal proceeding by an appeal to a greater court or initiate a motion for post-conviction relief in the court.

A criminal conviction does not mean the end, call our criminal defense law firm to speak to an appeals and post-conviction relief attorney today.

Writs Of Habeas Corpus

The ancient writ of habeas corpus is an important post-conviction remedy. The writ is a unique hybrid between criminal law and civil law. The writ arises from criminal facts but is asserted through civil processes. The petitioner is the moving party and bears the burden of proof. Most habeas claims proceed to trial where the petitioner has the chance to present evidence to prove his claims to the court, making the writ of habeas corpus one of the few viable methods in Farmington Connecticut to create an adequate record to challenge factual issues post-conviction. Claims asserted often include ineffective assistance of counsel, due process violations, restoration of appellate rights, and actual innocence.

When our habeas corpus firm presents a habeas case we undertake the trial process often almost from scratch, sometimes in cases that are decades old. Our habeas corpus lawyers obtain any related files, review all materials, develop an investigative plan, develop and research claims, prepare motions, and ultimately present the petitioner’s claims in an Amended Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus. If a case cannot be resolved short of trial, we present the claims through witnesses and evidence at a trial before a judge. Our habeas corpus attorneys have more than 75 years of combined experience handling habeas corpus cases and represent petitioners in both state and federal habeas actions.

Your Criminal Lawyers in Farmington CT

As criminal defense attorneys in Farmington CT, we are cognizant of and sensitive to the potential impact that a criminal case can have on our clients. As a result, our criminal law attorneys utilize every opportunity to obtain the most beneficial resolution possible for each client. And, because we have extensive post-conviction experience we anticipate the potential impact of the events in the trial court on future proceedings.

If you need a criminal defense lawyer to handle your case in Farmington CT, give us a call today or fill out the form below. Our criminal defense law firm has the experience and knowledge to help you in your time of need.

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